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Kids Fun ~ Top Tip

Top Tip for kids funtime!
Colouring with Crayons….
Why not tape several crayons together to create a multiple point drawing tool. This tool can be used to make stripes or plaids, or multiple lines with one easy stroke. In a burst of Rainbow colour!
The crayon tips should rest evenly on a flat surface when taping them together.
Have fun!

You could also print off some of our FREE kids colouring pages to give this a go…half-term is coming up too, so makes an ideal pastime for the little ones.


Merry Christmas!!

Well its finally here!  My fave day of the year has arrived, I love Christmas Eve and all the magic that comes with it!

We have been really busy the past few weeks with all the Christmas orders they’ve even been coming in today!  So a big thank you to all our customers, friends, family and blog readers for your support in 2009!

Hope you all have a fun but peaceful time and that Santa is good to you all!

We will be taking a little break over the holidays but will still post orders as and when we can in between times.

See you all again in 2010! xx

Free Delivery Offer..

Hi everyone   

Just a quick update today to highlight one of our special offers in the run up to Christmas!

From now until midnight on Saturday 21st November we have halved our usual minimum spend amount to qualify for FREE standard UK delivery.

Spend only £25 or more and you can have your whole order delivered to your door for FREE!  A little bonus from us to you.  We will be bringing you more great offers in the coming weeks so watch this space.

We have lots of new products on site perfect for stuffing all those Christmas stockings!!

Happy shopping :0)

Childrens TV of yesteryear….aahh

Just received this is my inbox and I had to share with you!  So so true on many points and Im sure Michael wont mind me sharing his nostagia with you.  It made me smile!  I love getting his newsletters!

On the plus side to me giving you this little gem here’s a link to his fabby site A Quarter of.. Im sure it will bring back lots of fun childhood memories for you too!  Go on treat yourself you know you want too lol

Anyway back to the post…’s his little rant :-)……..


I’m suddenly an aficionado on CBeebies, courtesy of our 20 month old little girl. When I was young there were only 3 television channels (yes, to all you youngies out there, THREE!) and children’s TV had its own proper slot on both BBC1 and ITV between about 4pm and 5.40pm – none of this dedicated channel malarkey in those days!.

Television Back Then
The BBC schedule, from memory, always started with Play School, meandered through Jackanory (I always found that a bit boring), Blue Peter on Mondays and Thursdays (Valerie Singleton, Peter Purves and John Noakes… none of these modern, young and trendy impostors thanks very much… or the ITV copycats at Magpie) and ending up with the Magic Roundabout (followed in later years by classics such as Ivor The Engine, Noah and Nelly and Barbapapa).

We didn’t venture over to ITV very often because, and again this will be hard to comprehend for many people, we didn’t have remote controls in those days so we actually had to GET UP OFF OUR LITTLE BOTTIES and turn the television over by pressing the huge clunky buttons on the top of the set. And BBC had the best programmes anyway, so a combination of physical and mental inertia means that BBC tended to dominate the schedules in our household.

Anyway, back to Cbeebies. They have an autumn song on there which they play over and over and which goes on about this being the season of mellow fruitfulness and stuff like that. It’s all soft focus lens shots, yellows, goldens and browns, picking apples and enjoying the fruits of the harvest.

Bah humbug, that’s what I say (practising for the festive season already!). As I look out of the window it’s pelting it down, it’s flipping freezing… and the only colours I can see are grey and very grim grey. I’m not sure if its getting dark already (its half three in the afternoon) or if it just hasn’t ever got light today.

Let’s see those cheery CBeebies folk make a song about that. It’s horrible, horrible, horrible… and we didn’t have a summer worth talking about round here either… so this is just the rotten icing on the flipping grotty cake.

I feel slightly purged now… only slightly mind you.


Love it! Thank you Michael :0)  Now go check out A Quarter of…yourselves guys!


Looking for the perfect baby present??

Then look no further!  Rainbow Totz have a great range of babies gifts for every occassion.

We’ll help you welcome your new arrival with special baby keepsakes, pretty baby photo frames to celebrate their first birthdays and lots more!

personalised baby-photo-frames-28-c

Want something a little different?  Raise a smile with the new muumy and daddy?  Then for the most unique baby boy gift around it has to be the Peecosy! Whats a Peecosy you ask?  Well this briliant little item has been designed for the little man in your life!  Funny, quirky and just perfect for the baby boy who has everything!

It has been perfectly designed for use when changing little boys nappies to prevent you being sprinkled!  Each comes in its on gift card pack with cute animal headed peg.

Peecosy’s are handmade in Scotland, each one unique so designs may vary slightly from photos.  They have been made using biodegradable bamboo fabric so are ultra soft for babies skin.  Go on you have to buy one – no household should be without this ultimate accessory for baby boy!  And at only £3.99 it wont break the bank.


Theres lots of colourful desgins to choose from so what are you waiting for.

Come and choose your perfect babies gift!

Halloween’s coming!

Halloween is almost here!  Are you looking for something a little differnet for the kids, a fun alternative thats not so spooooky??

Well look no further!  We have a great Kids Army range for boys and girls.  Cute pilot suits and camouflage wear for boys and funky camouflage dresses for the girls.  They are perfect for dress up and fancy dress parties too.  And take our word for it they are super cute on!

camouflage kids pilot outfitWe also have in stock lots of matching items from t-shirts to hats, waistcoats and trousers.  Plenty for you to make up a fabby outfit!  Prices start from only £3.99 too.

You can also check out an independent review on one of the items from the Great Toy Guide. :0)

We love the range and we’re sure you will too – so go check it out now while stocks last!

NHS Baby LifeCheck

Happy Monday morning all :0)

I was browsing online early this am and came across a great NHS site…looked interesting so going to dig a little deeper later.

But on first glance seems to have a hive of great parenting info and tips on your new baby.  Includes Immunisations, Feeding tips, Sleep routines and more!

Also a fun Baby LifeCheck Survey for both mums and dads!  NHS Baby LifeCheck will help you to find out some things you can do to keep your baby happy, healthy and safe.

To finish, it had the most perfect quote which sums up our perfect kids!

“Each child is different because each is individual”


Hope you all have a good day!